How building new beats buying an established home

Planning to move into a new home is an exciting time.

While it may seem easier at first to buy an established home, there are many advantages to building your own home.

With our new land release around the corner, we thought we’d list them all in one place for you. Read on to find out how building a new home could save you money and give you the bigger and better home you’ve been wanting …

  1. Building new means your home is tailored to meet YOUR lifestyle and taste, not someone else’s.
  2. Choose your own builder, home style, layout, designs and colour scheme.
  3. Lower running costs – new homes must meet energy efficiency ratings whereas older homes can cost a bomb to heat and cool.
  4. Be protected by new appliance warranties and home warranty insurance for years after the build.
  5. You’ll only pay stamp duty on the land purchase, not the home contract, potentially saving you thousands.
  6. Added extras such as solar panels or a swimming pool can be added to the building contract and therefore your mortgage, instead of coming from your pocket.
  7. Government grants and concessions might also be available to you. Subject to meeting the criteria, you might end up saving a lot of money to build new.
  8. Buying established often means making costly changes after moving in. Remember, the true cost of a renovation can only be revealed once it’s underway and defects are uncovered.
  9. Pay for the things that are meaningful to you. Whether it’s a study, higher ceilings, or stone benchtops, building a new home ensures you can make it your dream home.
  10. Save money on furniture by including custom cabinetry such as a built-in seating area or workstations.

The Montview team will soon be releasing a range of premium house and land packages, together with our partner builders.

We partner with the most trusted, solid builders in the industry to offer packages perfect for those looking for the dream home they deserve, in the best position in Ripley Valley – Montview.